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  • Our Story

    Yoga + Ohana = YOGOHANA


    With over 30 years of combined experience in the fitness, health, and movement industries, YOGOHANA was founded by movement practitioners Tony Irwin, Don & Mauricia Savella, Brandon Chien, and Kristine Tom. Our mission is to foster happiness, community and human connection by providing a fun, safe space for individuals to express themselves through yoga, movement, dance, and laughter.



    Photography by Series A Photography

  • The Crew

    Tony Irwin, Founder

    Movement Guide & Pun-thusiast

    Tony is the man silly enough to believe putting a bunch of lights in a room, dancing, and inviting friends was a good idea. And he was right! Yogohana was born out of his love for music, movement, and pretty lights.

    Don Savella, Founder

    Vibe Moderator & Whiskey Quality Assurance

    Don brings his 15+ years of DJ/Nightlife experience to give you the smoothest operating experience on the West Coast. You won't even notice how good you feel until it's over! Just don't ask him to play Rihanna...

    Mauricia Savella, Founder

    Event Coordinator & Chief Goof

    Mauricia leads a more Yang lifestyle than she'd prefer and, as such, is partial to Yin + Restorative styles of practice. She believes that yoga is for everyone who feels called to explore it to whatever extent they care to, and that there is as much room for play and personal expression in the practice as the personality prefers. One time she was forced to listen to a teacher sing an ENTIRE Sarah McLachlan song during savasana, and she nearly lost her mind. She had to just lay there like she enjoyed it, and has never really recovered. People clapped. It was outrageous.

    Kristine Tom, Founder

    Event Coordinator & Operations Wizard

    Kristine is kind of an organizational genius and makes magic happen. If she does enough Yoga she transforms into a magical sea creature...

    Brandon Chien, Founder

    Sales/Marketing & CFO (Chief Flirt Officer)

    Brandon has one job on the team: to eat vegetables and keep the sexy vibes going. He is also not very good at math. #bluesteel

    Team Photos by Series A Photography